Paleo, Pregnancy, Pandemic Pt. 1

Paleo Pregnancy Pandemic PT.1


Howdy there!  If you are reading this, chances are you already know atleast a little bit about Hungry Mungry’s and who we are.  But just in case you did not already know Hungry Mungry’s is my husband (Vince) and I’s first business!  And it is still operated and fully ran by the two of us, well not including the little baby girl coming in October that I have been growing!  We are so happy to soon be becoming a mom and pop shop.

With all that said I do not know what exactly where this mini blog series may take us.  But I atleast wanted to share some experiences I have had during pregnancy during this trying time and how I believe eating paleo helped so much.  I am hoping to be able to help at least one person out there and myself honestly!  In this time of isolation and uncertainty we all need to find comfort and connection where we can.  And if I can help you in anyway that would fill my bucket with so much happiness!

Paleo In Pregnancy

One thing I cannot say enough is the importance of having grace with yourself.  That is one of the things I like most about paleo, we live it as a lifestyle not a diet.  Following that lifestyle bring so much freedom and energy!  And I am a huge supporter of if you want to go out and have a beer with friends or eat the best pizza in town, by all means do it!  I believe a paleo lifestyle is all about what you choose to eat to bring you health and joy and strictly about elimination.

The reason I bring this up is because of the so called pregnancy cravings that women get.  To be honest these have not been all I thought they would be.  For a week or so all I wanted was Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs and Pressed Juicery green tea kale ice cream.  But that was so brief and I have had no other cravings these last eight months.  And I really believe this has something to do with eating a well routed wholesome diet every day.    Which is so much easier than you may think!  For example, instead of opting for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, grab some organic almond butter and fresh figs and BOOM craving satisfied.  And fulfilled with whole nutritious ingredients.

Any who, I do not want to get too far into the weeds today.  But I thought I could start by sharing a couple staples that I have been loving during this pregnancy!


Being that the majority of pre-natal vitamins are full of fillers and chemicals, I opted in for a food based pre-natal that has been killer!

If you already eat paleo or want to go a more natural route during your pregnancy this is an amazing choice!  And you can subscribe for a monthly delivery so you never run out!

Getting Your Greens

Getting enough leafy greens is so important to provide your little bug with enough nutrients.  I know it can be difficult to eat three cups of kale on a daily basis.  So I started making green juices in out vitamix.  Tip here, do not strain your juice as you will miss out on tons of nutrients from your fruits and veggies doing this!  So blend everything with a high power blender and load up on your daily veggies in such a refreshing way!

You can eat locally and seasonally and switch this up however you are feeling!  But if you need some guidance below is my general rule of thumb for juice:

Around 2 cups of kale, 1 cup of celery, 1 tablespoon fresh ginger and an apple or peach.  Then add 3-4 cups of water and blend.  And you have juice ready in your fridge for a few days!  Just give it a shake and drink your nutrients!


Wrapping Things Up

I have so many things I would love to say and could go on forever.  But I will be diving into more subjects next time!  Because there is so much to talk say about eating healthy helping with your mental health.  And that is so incredibly important during times like these!  Especially when you are bringing a new little life into the world.

I am excited to share more tips and tricks I have learned throughout this process!

Thank you so much for reading!