Love To Live

Love to Live

During this holiday season I am thinking about a simpler time.  One where we got through the long nights of winter together with our tribe.   As a species, we have accomplished so much with our ability to communicate effectively with one another.  We have an incredible capacity to not only create intricate language, but also make and understand countless facial expressions and bodily gestures.  This has enabled us to collaborate in large numbers, a key aspect of which is our ability to form deep bonds with one another.  

We have always survived by sticking together.  I’d say being together in a tribe has been fundamental in the proliferation of our species.  Being how far removed we are from the time when people lived in tribes, it’s no surprise that we can neglect the thing that matters most.  

Of course we do not know if our ancestors totally dug the tribal hunting and gathering gig, but I imagine it like this: We really had it down.  We learned to thrive in varied habitats around the planet.  We learned to eat the local grub, and when there was plenty, we sat around the fire, looked at the stars, and we talked.  We learned about each other more and more deeply, and in doing so, learned about ourselves.  

We enabled ourselves to empathize.  

Adapting the ability to relive the past and plan for the future put our species at the top of the food chain.  It was our ability to begin to understand how another person is feeling, however, that gave our species a most unique advantage.  With this skill we can learn to trust one another, collaborate to build commonly trusted creations like government and money, and we can love.  Love is especially important.  When a family and a tribe love each other, they will selflessly strive for the benefit of the group.  

When a tribe is full of loving, empathetic people it proliferates, and thus, humans have probably been spreading the love for a couple hundred thousand years. Keep your tribe close this holiday season and don’t be afraid to count on them.  It’s what we do as humans to thrive.  We work together and love each other.  It’s brought us this far. 


Much Love