We have officially made it, the halloween decorations are put away (for some of us..), and we are making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas music is starting to play in the stores.  This is a time of year that some of us love and some of us dread.  

I personally have found so much peace in this time of year and want to provide you with some tools to feel the same way!  To see this darker time of the year as a positive time to self reflect, be productive, challenge yourself and grow closer with your loved ones.  A time that most people see as lonely and stressful can really become the most self rejuvenating time of the year if you choose to see it that way!

Do not get me wrong, the winter time used to not be my favorite in past years.  I am human after all, we seem to all experience this.  But over the years I have chosen to embrace fully what the different seasons offer us.  And winter time is beautiful in that it gives us so much time to spend inside, not just physically but also emotionally strengthening ourselves.  

Below are some different ways that I love to make the most of the winter time and holiday season.  And I hope they can help you to have this be your best winter yet!



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Now that you likely are living in a colder world, you have more time to get sh*t done inside, and this is a great thing! 

This time of year is a great time to be productive inside and check things off your to do list!  Get those creative juices flowing and spend time working on creative projects like painting, drawing or house projects, you will feel so accomplished!


Enjoy The Quiet

We all know that the shorter and darker days are really hard for a lot of us.  But what has helped me is changing my point of view to enjoying the quiet and strengthening myself emotionally.  

The winter gives you the give of plenty time to learn more about yourself.  This will strengthen you in so many ways, giving your more confidence and peace with psyche.  

Now is a great time to pick up meditating or practice at home yoga.  This is so much easier than it may sound!  I love to utilize Yoga with Adriene on youtube, she has so many video options available for at home yoga.  Have a cold?  There’s a video for it!  Have low back pain, there’s that too!  As for meditation, the app Oak has been a wonderfully simple way to dive inside whether it’s for 5 minutes or 50.

And do not forget about that self care, it is okay to be a little “selfish” sometimes.  We all need to take care of ourselves.  So do what your heart desires whether this is time journaling or even putting on a face mask.  Just be okay with all the decisions that your heart makes and practice loving yourself!

Take Advantage of Sunshine

If there is a nice day sneaking out, then get outside!  Bundle up and take a nice walk, or even a nice hike!  Do not forget some ice tracks for your shoes.  You will be just amazed at the sight of your favorite summer hikes during the winter time.  

But also do not hesitate to go outside in the rain or the snow.  Some fresh air is all your need sometimes, even if just for a few minutes.  And you might just spark that whimsical feeling you had as a child when you loved to dance in the rain.  You can always come inside after, change into your holiday pajamas, light a fire and drink tea after!  So enjoy all that the earth has to offer!

Mix It Up!

I find that spending more time inside gives me the bug to make some changes!  Just simply rearranging some things around your home can give it a whole new feel that you might need.  This can feel you feeling fresh and alert.  And also keeps your wallet bigger, some free Marie Kondo renovations here!

It smells good In here

I am going to go ahead and assume that everyone reading this likes it when their house smells good.  But if you are not one of those people, you can skip this section. 

Any who, you are inside so make it smell good!  From candles, diffusing essential oils and potpourri you have so many choices!  Just be careful if candle is your number one choice of smell good items.  

You can also get creative by looking up easy stove top potpourri recipes on pinterest.  This is such an easy and fun way to make your home smell so wonderful!  And great for when you have guests.  I personally love orange, cardamom, cinnamon sticks and star anise for a nice cozy potpourri.

Pro tip for spices: always get them in bulk!  They are so much fresher, stronger and more affordable.  Central market has an amazing bulk spice section!

So do not hesitate to get some new candles or essential oils and enjoy the romantic lighting and delicious scents.

Tub Time!

Feel that tub with your favorite bubbles.  Play your favorite music or enjoy the peace and quiet.  And soak away the day.

For a little extra fun, get yourself a wine & book rack that will fit in your tub with you!  Then you can read, soak and sip!

I also love to put a couple drops of my favorite essential oil smell at the time in the tub as well.

Stay Active

I know that this can be hard to do when the weather is not inspiring you to take a run outside.  But it is so so important to get those endorphins, that will energize you and motive you to be the best version of yourself!  Join a class class at that gym, meet some people and you will feel wonderful!

Embrace One Another

Up the time you spend with family and friends.  Cook cozy meals today and play some board games.  The holidays are an amazing time to bond with your friends and family, playing new games and laughing together.  

Or simply bundle up with your loved ones and rent a new movie together!

Get Cozy

Go ahead and buy yourself a new pair of super duper cozy and cute pajamas.  Then embrace the joy you feel with you slip them on at the end of the night and how they feel in the morning when sipping on your coffee.  Stay cozy and appreciate the little things!

Indulgence & Balance

Yes, there are endless indulgences during this time of year.  But you know what is more fun then indulging in them all?  Challenge yourself this year to find healthier alternatives to all the holiday treats!  

I personally find it strange that we are encouraged to eat way more sugar during the last few months of the year, then completely go cold turkey on January 1st. 

So why not instead challenge yourself by trying and find a healthy balance? And no, I am not saying do not eat grandma’s christmas apple pie, please do!  But just be mindful of your every day actions, making decisions that will keep you happy and strong.  By doing this you will build sustainable practices that can last a lifetime.  Not only that but you will feel so proud of yourself come New Year’s!