Hi I’m Sam

And I’m Vince

And we are hungry mungry’s

Hello there beautiful people!
We are Vince and Sam, a couple of happily married folks on a mission to help bring sustainable health into the community around us. Just six short years ago, after a lifetime of battling multiple unidentified food allergies (which we are SURE most of you have experienced), we decided to dive into paleo, see what it was all about, and my oh my, we have never looked back.
A Little History
These past few years between us have been a unique and enriching journey. Our lives began to fall into an oh so familiar pattern that went something like this: meet, date, move in together, get grown up jobs, get married, have kids (skrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttt).
Once we realized what was in store for us next, we decided to shake up this beautiful thing called life. We quit our jobs, said our farewells, rented out our house, sold our belongings and literally hit the road with a Subaru packed full. We drove from Washington all the way to Colorado, sold our car and hopped on a plane heading south to explore with only what we could fit on our backs.
And in our time away from the Pacific Northwest, we learned that life is so incredibly fluid and you really can succeed at whatever your heart desires!
Now I know at about this point you are probably wondering, “how does this apply to me or even remotely have to do with the paleo diet?” Well don’t you fret, the dots are being connected!
We have come to the realization that we love to eat, we love paleo, we love to cook, we love people, and we love health. So why the heck not make our lives about what we love?
The Birth of Hungry Mungry’s
With all of that said, Hungry Mungry’s became our dream. A place where we can be creative while providing healthy, local and paleo food to our community.
Our goal is not only to provide you with food that is amazingly yummy and healthy, but also to help educate you on nutrition, and how it differs from the way our society defines nutrition. To help you feel better than you have felt in years. To help you reduce or avoid inflammatory health problems. To help you feel more energized and happy everyday. And finally feel great looking darn good naked!
-Vince and Sam