A New Direction

Sam here,

Currently rocking our baby girl and thinking of what y’all might want to read about.  And I’ve decided to simply write, talk with you, give you an update on where we are and the changes that are coming.

Just this last week we drove up to Ferndale to visit a micro regenerative chicken farm called Oak Meadow Farms. We got a short but sweet tour of the little farm filled with lots of passion and a vision come true for David, the owner.  We loaded up on chickens and zipped our way back from to safely store them for use on our menu.  

This move was huge for us, to finely have the ability to support a local farmer by cooking with their carefully raised poultry fill our hearts.  And boy we hope it fills yours as well.  Because this is just the beginning.  This is just step one on our way to something amazing.  Just when we thought our process could not get any better, boom improvements after improvements.  And being able to work with local farmers is something we have always wanted to do.

So moving forward our chickens will be from this beautiful little farm that practices regenerative farming.

And moving forward we will continue looking for new suppliers to work with for our beef, lamb, pork and veggies.  Hoping that one day not to far away, the majority of our ingredients will be sourced from sustainable and/or regenerative farms!

Well, Emilia has woken up. So it looks like it is time for me to sign off.  But stay tuned for more information regarding regenerative farming and future suppliers!