3 Reasons We Love Our Community

3 Reasons We Love Our Community

Taking time to stop and reflect on the good things in life is important, especially with all the craziness 2020 has brought our way. 

When it comes to small businesses, community is truly everything. We’ve always known this, but especially now that we are continuing to build our family, the value of community is even more apparent to us in our everyday lives and we are so lucky to call this little community ours. Here are three reasons why…

The People

The more we live here, the more thankful we are for the people we are surrounded by. 

Simply put, oftentimes we don’t realize how great we have it. But the outstanding people of our community truly make this a place we love to call home! This is an amazing area to be building our family and business… and YOU are a big reason why. 

The Inspiration 

We draw inspiration from our community daily. A few years ago, we spent some time traveling abroad. While we learned and grew so much during our time traveling, this experience only made us appreciate this community even more! You inspire us daily to continue to do what we love.

The Support

It goes without saying, but we are so grateful for the amazing community support we continue to receive. Especially during these unprecedented times, it truly takes a village… and we are beyond thankful for the village we have in our corner!

We couldn’t ask for a better place to work and live and we are looking forward to serving up more delicious, healthy meals to our fantastic community!